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It provides a series of solutions and guidance for customers, and has been unanimously recognized by customers in campus, bank, tunnel, some harsh environment and special environment.
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    Dongguan Aifute Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a communication product enterprise mainly focusing on special industrial telephones, supplemented by public telephone accessories, integrating design, research and development, and sales. After years of concentrated management, our company has developed multiple sets of phone shell molds, button molds, and handle molds, and hired a number of senior talents in the telephone industry motherboard design. Provide customers with a series of solutions and guidance, in banks, tourist attractions, mines, docks, power plants, highways, tunnels, large cement plants, pulverized coal plants, high-rise building elevators, and some harsh environments, special environments All of them have been unanimously recognized by customers. It has a comparative advantage in the domestic market. The company has always insisted on striving for excellence in product quality, established in good faith, and innovative development. Our company’s products are exported to the United States, India, Russia, Singapore, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, In the Netherlands, Britain, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries, Evert Technology will continue to work hard to focus on business in the communications field, connecting the world and connecting the future.

  • 10000+Square meter
    Factory area
  • 300+shop
    300 service customers all over the country
  • 50+people
    Quality R&D personnel
  • 10+year
    10 years of industry service experience
  • Product
    Case presentation
    Years of industry experience, with a number of successful cases
    Explosion-proof loudspeaker speaker phone solution for a base in Sichuan
    The phone model is: AFT-BG-02 (hands-free...
    A large number of bank customer service telephone solutions of Shandong Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    Product model: AFT-BG-10 newConnection method:...
    Telephone equipment scheme of Agricultural Bank of Qianxi County, Bijiejie City
    The machine model is: AFT-BG-10 (new)It is...
    Communication equipment scheme of Chongqing Jiangbei Airport
    Telephone model: aft-bg-04It is suitable for...
    cooperative partner
    More than 10 years of equipment R & D and manufacturing experience, partners in various industries
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    It is popular at home and abroad, and multi-channel program manual detection is efficient and stable
  • How many 5G base stations are shared by fiber phone manufacturers in the corridor?
    Prior to this, the Ministry of Industry and...
  • Sharing the characteristics of campus phone
    1. The campus phone system adopts B/S...
  • Evert delivers large quantities of waterproof telephones to Hangzhou project
    The phone model sold this time is: AFT-BG-02...
  • Why is campus phone widely used?
    Due to the Ministry of Education’s notice, it...
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     Company Name: Dongguan Aifute Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

      Contact number: 130-5850-8121 Mr. Jiang

      Contact number: 0769-27206058

      Company Fax: 0769-27206058

      Company mailbox:

     Company Address: 4th Floor, Building 1, No. 131, Huaide Huailin Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

     Keywords: campus telephone, campus telephone, tube gallery fiber phone, waterproof company

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